BlogCamp on and rocking!

BlogCamp has already started and fortunately its setup with all basic tech needs – WiFi, IRC chat and streaming audio. There are loads of people around with their gadgets. Laptops and DigiCams are on almost all desks. There are some live blog competitions going on. But there are far better (and professional) bloggers around and therefore I have no intention of participating in the competitions. 🙂 On the personal front, I am meeting a few new people and intend to meet a few online friends like Sathya, Kato, Ashwin, Qwertmaniac, etc. Already met Varun and Vinay here.

As for BlogCamp, I am enjoying it so far and am pretty hopeful about having a good time over a period of next 2 days. 🙂 Coming over all the way to Chennai from Mumbai seems to be worth all the trouble and expenses. So far it has been pretty good hearing other blogger’s experince. I heard about how someone got into trouble with boss for speaking his mind out in his blog and also how someone got into trouble at home for describing his dream girl. 😀 I am having a good time and am getting to see some pretty faces too. Can’t share them here as I don’t want to get caught clicking them. 😉

On a serious note, Hearing some professional bloggers has changed my outlook towards blogging. Blogging is far larger and serious than I thought. People take it so much more seriously. I have been pretty lax in posting at my blog in last few months due to a a very tight schedule. But I can see people here who consider blogging as a part of their daily routine! Unlike me, its just not a hobby for them, its a passion! Its a way to express the innermost thoughts and opinions to the world. I think its time to take blogging far more seriously.

By the way, no one so far has said they started blogging to share the picture of their twins and none so far seems to have a twins-timeline. 😀

5 thoughts on “BlogCamp on and rocking!”

  1. Hey don’t forget there were girls from Mumbai too 😉

    I will upload the pics of the meet and camp ASAP. Just going thru the rigours of missing office for 2 days 🙁

  2. Ahh… missed the meet. 😐 I was in Bangalore for the past 2 days.

    Good to see that you guys liked Chennai and our girls. 😛 Hope to see more pictures of Blog Camp and TS meet.

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