A blog post after 6 months

It has been months since I blogged. The last post was about how Vanilla ice-cream puzzled General Motors and that way back 4th of April. In Ankur‘s words the ice-cream has melted since quite some time. 🙂 With my birth date falling on 13th April, I can say that I have become a year older (or is it wiser? 😉 ) since I blogged last time.

But work has kept me extremely busy. Secondly adsense revenue doesn’t motivate me enough to blog. And most important thing is that I am a lazy blogger. 😳 I will think about blogging only if I have nothing else to do, today being an exception. Today I am blogging to take a break.

These days I am so neck deep in work that I have been working on all Saturdays and Sundays of this month till 10 in the night. My usual office hours have become 8am to 10pm (or later) in place of 10am to 8pm. I am not complaining because I enjoy my work. But I have only one problem about such long working hours. I hardly get to play with my 2 yr old twin daughters, Mahi and Meha. During the whole of last week on most days I used to leave home before they wake up and reach after they have gone off to sleep. 🙁 Since they have now learned to talk, they used to ask about me quite a few times in the day. So on one day I left all pending work and left early just to be with them. On that day all 4 of us were happy – me, Mahi-Meha and my wife. My wife was happy because I was home early. And she was more happy because she got a break. :mrgreen:

I don’t have any fan-following 😉 on my blog and I don’t have too much motivation to blog too frequently. Still I think I will try to blog a little more regularly now. Wish me luck! 🙂

Hellooo!! Is anyone there reading my blog? Please wish me luck so that I can blog regularly and write good posts. 😆

6 thoughts on “A blog post after 6 months”

  1. Hehe,

    So you finally start off with a new ice-cream. Great 🙂

    I hope to see some frequent updates.. See my blog. Not many people visit it, but I still write :p

  2. Thanks riyaz for reading my blog and commenting 😛 😀

    The old look was so damn boring and sleepy that even I didn’t feel like visiting my own blog :mrgreen: This one is little brighter and now I feel like working a little on my blog. Just waiting for this month to get over. I update WP and plugins. I never knew a good theme can make so much difference 🙂

  3. Thanks Ankur for commenting. Now I know that at least someone is reading my blog besides bots :mrgreen:

    I too liked this new look. Probably that is what motivated me to post 😉 There is still a lot of fine tuning to do, but may be after a week.

  4. I like the new look to your blog…
    Well you can’t complain that I don’t motivate you to blog atleast 😛
    Hoping to see more of your blog posts in “near” future :mrgreen:

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