December 19 2007

ICICI spoof mails!

Wow! ICICI is upgrading it’s security! Or so do these spoof mails “claim”! :grin:

It’s another of those silly mails decorated with ICICI logo, trying to steal passwords. Looking a little closely reveals the true nature. Links apparently are pointing to ICICI site, but lead to :evil:

Have a look at this screen shot of the email. Pay attention to the link in the email. The true destination is shown in the status bar.

ICICI Spoof email

Here’s the screen shot of the site which comes up when clicking on the link.

ICICI Spoof website

Pretty neat job with ICICI logo, few links back to ICICI site and the same silly orage+red+white colour combination. But some “important” links are internal i.e. to Grow up spammers! Try some new tricks. :twisted:


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