May 10 2008

Olympics 2008 – How logo was made

A whole lot of protest has been going on against the Olympics 2008 in China. The issue of Tibet has hogged lots of lime-light earlier. When a country with iron curtains like China organises an international event of this magnitude, there are bound to be a few controversies as well.

This is a graphical, satirical rendition of a process of how the logo could have been made. :)

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May 09 2008

How Chinese Multiply

This is a video I received in email. I really don’t know whether this is how Chinese people multiply, but this was the title of the mail, so I just carried it over :)

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May 07 2008

Windows XP SP3 Released

Windows XP SP3 is released. Here are the SP3 release notes. I was waiting for that since quite some time because now I will format my laptop HD and install SP3 on top of SP2. I hope SP3 incorporates all the updates released after SP2 and it solves more problems then it creates. :roll:

Some of the steps to take before installing XP-SP3 are truly frightening!

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May 07 2008

Ghost videos on YouTube

Here is one ghost video that appeared recently on YouTube. :shock:

YouTube Preview Image

Are you not shocked? :shock: Read on for more information and another video

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