How can ITEF oppose outsourcing?

ITEF, the Income Tax Employees Federation is opposing outsourcing of work (mainly refunds) even though it is well known fact that Income Tax refunds takes ages to come 👿 and higher authorities are continuously complaining about vacancies!

ITEF claims that its members were not given an “opportunity” to do their work 😡 and some of them don’t even have a place to sit. I want to ask them 2 questions.

  1. How many of them come on time to work?
  2. There are at least some of them who have a place to sit and work. 🙄 How much time do they spend working on their desk and for how long are they missing from their place/work/duty?

Whatever be the reason given by them. The main reason is that outsourcing results in loss of “revenue” for its members! 😡 The IT staff always takes months and continous follow up to issue refund cheques. Additionally, they take bribe before they issue any cheques of refunds and still behave as if they have done a big favour! Even after taking bribes, they hardly ever bother to calculate interest which is a legitimate claim of an assessee.

More than anything else, this loss of opportunity in earning extra revenue is their main grouse. 😡

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