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I finally got a new Sony DVD Writer. My friend Deep will be pretty happy on hearing this because he is a self-proclaimed “Sony Man”. 😆

I always get fascinated every time I buy something from Lamington Road. They always have something unusual to offer. This time, I was given 2 rates for the same piece of DVD-Writer. One of them was box packed and the other one is called “OEM”. OEM was cheaper by about Rs. 400. I have been buying from the same dealer since a few years. So went for the OEM and saved 400. Afterall what will I do with the box? 😉 BTW, for record, this one isn’t a grey market purchase. I have the bill, warranty and will pay by cheque. 😀

I have to install it and do it as soon as I finish writing this. 😉 I don’t wait for tech support guys because I am always too eager to install and use new pieces of hardware. They take little longer to come and I am pretty impatient. 🙂

Now I will take backup of all my data. I haven’t taken a complete backup of data since quite some time and now my hard disk is due for a low-level format and a clean re-install of OS. I am pretty eager to try out the new version of Mandriva as well. I recently got a DVD of Mandriva with my issue of LinuxForYou. 🙂

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  1. I really don’t need to bother about too many features or the latest mode! I don’t write DVDs that regularly. As long as the writer makes good data DVDs at reasonable speeds and 100% accuracy, my job is done! What is important to me is that I saved some bucks which I can use for some other purpose like getting a USB bluetooth dongle 😉

  2. OEM and Boxpack have different models. nowadays OEM is DW-D120A and Boxpack is DRU-810A.
    AS Sony has declared, DRU-810A ias the lastest.

  3. Hey, I was a regular purchaser at Lamington Road. I still remember going form shop to shop to bargain for the computer parts.

    Anyway happy DVD writing…

  4. Good to hear that you got DVD writer but make sure that you use it regularly…

    I was not using my sony dvd rom for quite sometime and somehow it stopped working properly…


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