Indiatimes Domains – goofing up once again!

I had registered a couple of .in domains with Indiatimes. After having a pathetic experience for something as small as changing DNS, 🙄 I renewed and transferred my domains to mailNspace domains.

Although I have shifted, I received a renewal mail which said renewal charges applicable are 399!! I became curious. I thought charges were 795. I clicked on the link given in the mail and then on one more link and got to a page which said charges were 795. 🙄 😡 Below are the screen shots.

IMO, Indiatimes goofed up on 2 counts. First, they sent me a renewal mail. 🙄 Don’t they get rid of old records? Second, their mail showed a wrong rate! Don’t they have someone who checks and thouroughly proof-reads the drafts of outoging mails to customers? 🙄 If they don’t improve, they will surely have more and more customers like me that shift elsewhere.


  1. Hmm… if not for your need for a .in domain, I would have recommended Yahoo domains… But seems you missed that out as well, as they stopped giving out domains for $2 a year, which I bought some time back…

  2. Actually, I went with them for .in domains. I was told it was one of the best option for .in 🙄 But now I know how pathetic they are. I thought its a part of the Times Group, so will maintain certain standards. 😡

  3. Ashish bhai,
    why even you considered to go with them in the first place…I had nightmare with them before.

    Shyam Pandey

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