You use less, so that I can waste more!!

Mumbai for the first time is on the brink of a power drought and will face power cuts! MSEB, BEST, MERC all are telling us to cut down actual, genuine use or face penalties and/or powercuts. They are giving all stupid solutions to the problem as pointed out by Deep. But what about the criminal waste by government departments?

Here’s an example. I yesterday (8th March 2006) visited a government department. The department is a hugh hall (at least 5000 sq ft.), fully airconditioned! 80% of the cubicles were empty! Still all the lights were on!! In one cubicle one gentelman was playing solitaire on his PC 🙄

Then, we went to a conference room with a table that can accomodate about 25-30 people.

When I entered the room with others, all the lights were on, 2 split ACs were on and a computer was on. There were only 8 of us for the conference. We needed only half the lights and one AC, but still all the lights were on and both the ACs were at max capacity and I was feeling cold 😡 and irritated 👿 at this waste. Due to the nature of work and people involved I couldn’t open my mouth about this waste!

This must be happening in all the government departments! They want us to take all the measures to save power and even threaten to penalise us and enforce power cuts but what the hell is government doing? Haven’t they taken any policy decision about the use in their offices? Forget about cutting down on use, if all the government departments stop wasting, we will have enough power. 🙄 👿

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  1. Thank your dad on my behalf! If there are more people like him in government offices, we will have some lesser shortage!

  2. Totally agree with you…this kind of thing was shown on some news channel few days back..but no effect…these government criminals are going to be like this and let us suffer..the ones who PAY the bill…

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