I love CSS!

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. About a year ago all that I knew was HTML. I knew that something like CSS exists. But never paid much attention to it and never realised how wonderful it is!! There are so many things that can be done with CSS and that too so easily! My initial impression was that CSS can at best reduce the size of my code by replacing all the attributes in the < font > tag or may be helpful if I need to change the colour scheme of the site. But realised later that its much more than that!! CSS can do things which plain HTML simply cannot!!

Here’s a description of CSS from Eric Meyer, one of the well know experts on CSS:

Cascading Style Sheets is a standard way to separate a document’s structure from its presentation. This sounds very abstract, but the benefits are quite surprising and profound. In theory, CSS makes one’s life easier by creating a centralized description of Web document appearance. Any Web designer will likely come up against a situation where he or she really should use them, and many will no doubt use CSS to do things they never could do before.

People, including me, have been using tables for desired layout of pages. It was so easy and so convenient! But it had its own drawbacks. Tables are not search engine friendly and bloat the sizes of the page! But CSS is far more powerful and capable of doing lots of things in a lot better way. The CSS Zen Garden is a great site that showcases the power of CSS. On that site the HTML code remains the same, but simply by changing the underlying CSS file, the entire looks are changed drastically!

In my opinion, CSS is a must learn thing for those who are even a little serious about designing web-pages. Whether a person designes pages as a profession or as a hobby, he simply can’t ignore CSS! W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) also recommends it. Here is W3C’s CSS section and here is its CSS Code Validator. CSS is too good to be missed and the first place to start learning it is W3Schools! See you there! 🙂


  1. For CSS, you can start with W3Schools. Additionally, there are many tutorials and e-books on the net. You may have to search a bit heard for it. But I got my resources by searching at Google and Yahoo.

    Unfortunately, there are no good books available for CSS and even Computer Education Institutes that claim to teach “web-designing” give a complete go by to something as wonderful as CSS. You will have to do it on your own. Additionally, register at a good forum (start with TechSpot ;)) for help when you are stuck up. Why don’t you start a thread there? People will help you with their resources/knowledge.

    However, please bear in mind that Besides CSS, you also need to know something like PHP to be ablt o generate dynamic pages. My knowledge of C made it somewhat easy for me to get hold of PHP basics.

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