Shift website hosting – part 4 (cPanel)

So far I have written about how to “manually” switch hosting providers i.e. how to backup and restore the files. Following is the list of previous posts:

There is another easier way to do this through cPanel.

However, you may need help from your new hosting provider in restoring your backup. Of course this method works only if you chose a hosting provider that gives you cPanel. In any case, this is the way to take backup of your site through cPanel. So even if you are not shifting servers, remember to take a regular backup.

Have you heard that a picture is worth thousand words? Well, in the same way, I can say a video is worth a million words! Have a look at this video tutorial on how to backup/restore your site from cPanel. It is a 476 KB flash file and it is one of the 29 video tutorials of knowledge-base on my own site i.e. mailnspace 🙂

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