Happy Birthday M3!

My M3
Meha, Heena & Mahi

18th May! 4 years ago on this day my life could have gone for a toss. But the great Almighty had far better plans for me.

Mahi & Meha were born on this day and their mom / my wife Heena was re-born after a fight with death for over 8 hours.

I wish a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my M3 – Mahi-Meha and their Mom. All three of them are now 4 years old. πŸ™‚

Heena, I fight with you a lot and also get on your nerves at times (or is it “at most times”?).
M2, I scold you both, not a lot, but quite a bit. (But don’t blame me for that! Behave yourselves! 😈 )

But without you three, my M3 – my life would be ………

I just can’t imagine that!!


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