Why I don’t blog more often

Its been pretty long since I have blogged. A friend asked me recently, “Why have a blog at all if you don’t post regularly?”. Hmm. Looked a valid point at first. But then I thought, why NOT have a blog even if I don’t update it regularly? How does it matter? In any case, I call it INTERMITTENT chatter.

But this question led me on a path of mini-introspection. Why did I start a blog in the first place and why don’t I blog regularly?

Answers to first question are pretty simple. There were two reasons to start the blog. First, I had a domain name which was unused for quite some time and second, I wanted to understand WordPress so that I can help my clients in troubleshooting their blogs.

The second question is somewhat more complex and I asked myself some more questions to get a real answer.

Q. Is my life less interesting or less “happening” than others?
A. Not really! Agreed, I am pretty non-controversial, somewhat orthodox at times, straight forward :P, family loving, common man who doesn’t booze, smoke or gamble. But I do have plenty of things to share that could make an interesting read.

Q. Am I short of topics?
A. Not at all. I don’t like to blog just for the sake of it (well, this post is an exception). Still, I wanted to blog about so many things but I never did! I am sure those posts could have been meaningful posts for at least 2-3 out of my total 20 blog readers.

Q. Am I good writer?
A. I am actually a pretty bad writer and that puts me off. I am so bad that I can’t get worse! Wow! I can only get better. That’s quite a positive thought. Isn’t it?

Q. Am I lazy?
A. Hmm. Yes, somewhat. Or may be quite a lot. Whenever I sit to blog, I feel it’s better to relax for a while and take my eyes away from the monitor. I anyway keep staring at it 100 times more than I stare at women! No wonder I have a category called “From my Inbox” which is just a copy+paste of forwards of forwards of forwards that land up in my inbox. I think the whole world has already read about those posts well before they appears on my blog!

Q. Am I short on time?
A. Oh yes! Badly short of time! My plate is full (and overflowing …) and I always have something better to do. Even when I am at home, there are either my tweenies or my keyboard!

There was a time when I used to leave office after finishing the day’s work. These days I leave office simply because it’s not possible to sit any longer. I am the first to come and last to go. Probably inefficient people take longer to do their work!

Q. Do I always try to be a perfectionist?
A. Yes, I do. That’s one bad thing about me. I am never satisfied with that I have written and always want to make it better. So I keep reading and re-reading trying to put every comma and full-stop in place. What a pain I am for myself!

Q. Do I lack motivation to blog?
A. Yes, I do lack motivation! There is hardly any adsense income from blog. But then I don’t post regularly. So there are no regular readers and therefore there is no income from blog and so I don’t post regularly ……

Q. Do I prefer to protect my privacy?
A. I don’t like to make my life a cyber affair. I am not short on topics and generally won’t need to write about too many personal things even if I blog regularly. So privacy is more of an excuse.

Q. Has Tweeter aggravated “the problem”?
A. Yes, to some extent. Now I tweet and be through with expressing my thoughts in short. It’s quick and fast. Quite convenient. And I have 280+ followers so at that there are 200 (280 – 80 bots) readers to what I write. There is no such guarantee on the blog. Too bad tweeter has no place to keep our own adsense ads. But, someday I will put all my meaningful tweets and make a blog post out of them.

These NAQ (Never Asked Questions) sum up why I don’t blog regularly. But I think I should post at least once a week.


  1. M2 has prohibited me from blogging too much about them or putting their pics.

    They say that, “Everyone gets all info about us from your blog and then people don’t come to meet us!” :mrgreen:

    So come over and meet them 🙂

  2. yes you must .. everytime i come to your blog thinking i will get some updates about twins .. but i return reading some or the other old post or just by pressing back button … 😯

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