Acrostic Poem on LEAVES for kids

My kids’ school makes them do all sorts of different things in homework. One such recent work was a small journal on LEAVES. Rest of the things were well done and in place as my kids and their mom, unlike me, are pretty good in drawing and craft, except the last thing that stumped us all for a while.

This particular page was reserved for an acrostic poem on leaves. The usual online search went on for a while without any decent result. Only option left was to write something new. I came up with this little poem which I share here with a hope that someday someone will stumble upon this for their kid’s homework. Their search won’t be as unsuccessful as mine. 🙂

Leaves are red, yellow and so green
Environment they keep very neat and clean

Autumn makes them all fall down
Very bare the trees look, all so brown

Enchanting, beautiful partner of flower
Spring brings it back. Behold! What a charmer!

My twins have learned about Photosynthesis and are also aware of oxygen, carbon dioxide, et al and therefore easily understood the second line of the poem. May not be so for all kids their age. Of course, a poem for kids and therefore last words have to rhyme as a rule.

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