Indian Idol 2 – Low viewership, high gimmicks!

After a long time, I watched the results episode of Indian Idol 2. Although Sony tried a lot to ensure a female idol, the last 4 were once again male contestants – Karunya, Sandeep, Anuj and Amey. The “so called” public voting this time ousted Amey, one of the better singers – especially as compared to Anuj, who was one of the last two this time.

This time the show is not as popular as last time. So to rank up the viewership, Sony decided to try out some gimmicks! I saw one example of such gimmick at the time of the results episode where Amey was ousted. The worst part is that even the three judges – Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam and Farah Khan – decided to be a part of it to justify their “fees” 🙄 They staged a walk out, they argued, they did everything that they could to create a controvery from nowhere. A perfect case of a mountain out of a mole hill!! 😡 And Farah exhibited the height of unreasonableness by demanding a re-contest! 👿 Question is not who is a better singer. Question is Anuj received more votes. That means more people likes his voice! Period. Why should there be an exception to that rule? Why should there be a re-contest?

In all this chaos in favour of Amey, did anyone even once think about Anuj? What must be going through his mind. How humiliated he must be filling! My sympathies are with him.

Rang De Basanti, one more review

My verdict – Flop! Not because its a bad movie, its fantastic. But its not for the front benchers and in India there are 80% people who fall in the category of front benchers. If you love David Dhawan and Govinda movies, you will hate this one.

There can be only 2 opinions about it – awesome or aweful, terrific or terrible. Hardly anyone will have an in-between opinion. I say its an awesome, terrific movie. The director and writer has made a valiant effort and applied their minds. It is quite innovative and a very different approach.

Without divulging more details, it all starts after Sue arrives in India to make a documentary on Bhagat Singh and his associates. She finds perfect actors in DJ (Daljit, Aamir Khan) and his group of friends. They all are easy going, fun loving bunch of people who takes Sue’s idea as a joke, but finally goes along with her.

Down the line somewhere, these bunch of people land up playing the modern day revolutionaries. But this time, India is not ruled by British but corrupt politicians in cahoot with selfish businessmen. History repeats itself, but with different type of characters and different circumstances.

DON’T MISS IT! But go with an open mind with zero expectations. Its not a normal Bollywood masala movie. Remember, its little different and hats of to the director, writer and producer for having the courage to make something different!

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Some great performances in Gujarati Theatre (Dramas)

I personally hardly ever enjoy Gujarati dramas. Almost all have similar type of characters, same old jokes and absolutely predictable melodramatic endings. But there are a few dramas/performances that have been truly great and enjoyable. Here’re are 3 that I remember.

This is about two Siamese Twins who are joined from their Spinal Cord since birth. Not a great story line, but very unique act. It has a marvelous co-ordination displayed by two actresses who are joined from their backs almost all throughout the drama. As usual the end was pretty predictable, but fantastic direction and excellent acting by the leading ladies. Even if one doesn’t understand Gujarati, this one is worth watching. Its still on, don’t miss it.

This one has Sharman Joshi (who has acted in films like Style, Excuse Me, Shadi No. 1, etc.) in quadrupal roles!! Yes you’ve got it right! He plays 4 characters in the same play and the way he switches from one character to another is a treat to watch. He is a pretty talented actor. This one is also going on in Marathi and is called “Sahi Re Sahi”. That Marathi play is a world record holder of more than 500 shows in 365 days. Once again, don’t see it for the story line, see it for the acting and performance of its leading man!

This one is a pretty old and isn’t running at present. It had Sujata Mehta in the lead role. She fabulously portrayed the character of a girl going from sanity to extreme insanity. I have heard that she got so involved with the character that she ultimately landed up needing some psychiatric treatment. This one was a marvelous performance.