Yamaha PSR S 550B – At last!

After M2 (Mahi-Meha) and M3rd (their Mom), here’s M4th of my life – Musical instrument. 🙂

My last keyboard was acquired way back in 1987 for 6,000/- I enjoyed it for almost 10 years. I still have that keyboard. But some keys are broken, some controls are mal-functioning, tones and styles (rhythms) have started sounding funny. In short, I stopped enjoying it long back.

I had decided that I will not make any compromises. I will wait and wait and wait, but will take the best! I waited for over 10 years for a right opportunity, but at last bought this black beauty – Yamaha PSR S 550 B keyboard 😎 It costed 40k. But I know its definitely worth it!

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Digital Photography – Proper Colour Reproduction

Some months ago, I went to ISKCON Chowpatty temple to click pictures of deities. We wanted to put some special pictures on Deity Darshan. I mounted my Nikon Coolpix 5200 on my tripod and clicked a few pictures.

I clicked with flash and was highly dissatisfied with the colour reproduction. Colours in the photographs were very much different from what I could actually see. Then I switched off the flash and clicked a few more pictures. Once again, the result was not to my satisfaction. I was highly disappointed. If a camera worth 20K can’t reproduce the colours properly, whats the use of spending so much? But I hadn’t lost hopes and knew that I was missing out on something.

Then I shifted the tripod to the other end of the temple hall. Once again, I clicked a few pictures with and without flash and this time even switched on and off a few lights in the hall. But it didn’t work. After a struggle for about an hour, I left it there for the day.

I went home and flipped through the pages of the camera manual hoping to find something that will improve the colour reproduction. Then I came across something and I was over-joyed. I tried various available modes. Also switched on and off a few lights in my room and took over 20-25 pictures. (Would have I ever done that with a film camera?) I checked the colour reproduction of those pics and immediately realised what was wrong! Afterall my camera wasn’t faulty. I was relieved. 😀

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Digital Photography – Some pics that I clicked

From the Digit issue of February 2006, I came to know that sale of digital camera surpassed the sale of film cameras around January 2004. I felt relieved. 😉 I was not too far behind. In November 2004, I took my first DigiCam. Its a 5.1 Mega Pixel DigiCam, Nikon Coolpix 5200 with a SanDisk 512 MB Card. It still feels like new and works great. Touch wood! 🙂

Photography has been a hobby since long but the cost of films and developing & printing was stopping me from pursuing it. Still, during all leisure or work tours I am in very few photographs because most of the times I am on the other side of the camera taking pics. 🙂

I love to take pictures of nature and natural beauty. Here are some of the pics that I have taken and would like to share with everyone.

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