My dad’s fine

My dad today got operated at Breach Candy Hospital for two problems – prostate and hernia by Dr. Pheroze Sonawal. My dad is 70 years old. Although the operations by themselves were not major ones, anaesthisia was somewhat tricky due to his health generally and a by-pass surgery that he had undergone 4 years ago.… Continue reading My dad’s fine

Nokia N70

I have been looking for a new mobile since quite some time. My Nokia 6610 was more than 2 years old but I was not able to decide on the right model. But at last, I got a new mobile 😀 Its a Nokia N70!! I am already transferring a few MP3 and MIDI files… Continue reading Nokia N70

My experience with Muslims

The recent well justified uproar all around the world by Muslims because of a cartoon/caricture of the Prophet Mohammed made me think about the muslims I know, see and interact with in my life. My experience with them has been pretty pleasant. Here’re some I can remember at present. 🙂 Members of Bohri Community frequent… Continue reading My experience with Muslims

I need a new mobile

Its time to replace my old and lovely Nokia 6610. I am using it since 2 years and must say it was value for money. But now the battery is weak, talktime is low. One call makes the battery bar jump from full to half and after another call I start getting the low battery… Continue reading I need a new mobile

When will all this end?

There’s something seriously wrong with my family. 🙁 Some days ago, my wife sprained one ankle and a toe was fractured in another leg! She is still recovering from it. Its very difficult to take care of 7 month old twins with both legs under pain. But she is somehow managing it. Some days back,… Continue reading When will all this end?