Australia vs. South Africa

I was priviledged to see the match between Australia and South Africa one day match on 12th March 2006. I wasn’t watching it but my friend Sanjay Jogani sent me an SMS and I switched over the channel! A truly remarkable match!! A world record by the side batting first and side batting second immediately broke it!! Unbelievable! Or as one of the headlines said – RUNBELIEVABLE! Excellent performances!! So far Sri Lanka’s 398 was the highest one day score. However, that was against a lowly Bangladesh. But these scores are the real world records!

Additionally, Ricky Ponting was offered the joint Man of the Match award, but he was gracious enough to turn it down in favour of Herschell Gibbs who deserved it more on 3 counts. First he scored more runs, second he did it under pressure and third, it was a part of the winning cause.

Let me say it one more time. WHAT A MATCH!! 😀

India Won!!

India won the one-day cricket series against Pakistan once again! So its a pay back time. Pakistan defeated India in India. Now India defeated Pakistan in Pakistan. 😀 I want them to win even the last one to make it a good sweep! Hope Indian team keeps up the good work. 😆

What a bore!

The first test match between India and Pakistan is going to be a boring draw. Yaaaawn!!

The pitch is so dead and batsman friendly that bowlers from both sides are having a terrible time out there 👿 I think the curator should be taken to task by the people who spent money and went to the stadium to watch it.

Here’s a great chances for batsmen to improve their stats and punishm the bowlers. No wonder Ganguly was in a very animated discussion with Dravid and Chappel on the first day and wanted to open with Sehwag. 😀 At least thats what media reports suggest!

Indian 11 for the 1st test against Pakistan

In a few days from now the India-Pakistan Test Series will start. Here’s the best Indian 11 in my opinion

  1. Sehwag
  2. Jaffer (mainly on form)
  3. Laxman
  4. Sachin
  5. Dravid
  6. Yuvraj
  7. Dhoni
  8. Pathan
  9. Zaheer
  10. Harbhajan or Agarkar (based on pitch)
  11. Kumble

Yuvraj is preferable to Ganguly for at least following reasons.

  • Current form. Youvraj is in much better touch and so Maharaj should make way for Yuvraj now.
  • Yuvraj plays pace bowling better than Ganguly. So he is better equiped to play the Shoaib & Co.

It would be in the interest of team India to play Yuvraj and not Ganguly. After all its a test match and that too against arch rivals Pakistan! Don’t bow to pressure Dravid, be brave and play the best 11!