Windows XP SP3 Released

Windows XP SP3 is released. Here are the SP3 release notes. I was waiting for that since quite some time because now I will format my laptop HD and install SP3 on top of SP2. I hope SP3 incorporates all the updates released after SP2 and it solves more problems then it creates. 🙄 Some… Continue reading Windows XP SP3 Released

ICICI spoof mails!

Wow! ICICI is upgrading it’s security! Or so do these spoof mails “claim”! 😀 It’s another of those silly mails decorated with ICICI logo, trying to steal passwords. Looking a little closely reveals the true nature. Links apparently are pointing to ICICI site, but lead to 👿 Have a look at this screen shot… Continue reading ICICI spoof mails!

Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4

I feel better 😀 I have upgraded to WP 2.0.4. I had my share of hiccups while upgrading and a wrong click due to lack of concentration, messed up the whole thing. I am glad, I backed up my MySQL database and restored everything from there. On the way, I learnt a few things 😉… Continue reading Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4

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95 best freewares!

Here’re a list that gives best freewares. The list contains 95 entires so far and its still not over! 🙂

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I want new theme

I want a new WordPress theme for my blog! Regulus is nice, but I want something better. 😀 I am greedy. I have seen so many themes and googled up so many times. But haven’t still found one that I like more than the one that I am using. And I don’t like the one… Continue reading I want new theme

TechSpot – new indian technology forum

We a bunch of few friends have started and launched a new Indian technology forum. Its called TechSpot. It has many sections and very active member set. I am glad and proud to be a part of team techspot. Registration is for free. 🙂 See you there.