How Chinese Multiply

This is a video I received in email. I really don’t know whether this is how Chinese people multiply, but this was the title of the mail, so I just carried it over 🙂

Windows XP SP3 Released

Windows XP SP3 is released. Here are the SP3 release notes. I was waiting for that since quite some time because now I will format my laptop HD and install SP3 on top of SP2. I hope SP3 incorporates all the updates released after SP2 and it solves more problems then it creates. 🙄 Some… Continue reading Windows XP SP3 Released

Ghost videos on YouTube

Here is one ghost video that appeared recently on YouTube. 😯 [youtube][/youtube] Are you not shocked? 😯 Read on for more information and another video

Side Effects of NANO

NANO – A new janata car from Tata Motors has been creating enough buzz even before it’s commercial launch. Here is some humour based on it, some pictures that I received in email. 🙂

ICICI spoof mails!

Wow! ICICI is upgrading it’s security! Or so do these spoof mails “claim”! 😀 It’s another of those silly mails decorated with ICICI logo, trying to steal passwords. Looking a little closely reveals the true nature. Links apparently are pointing to ICICI site, but lead to 👿 Have a look at this screen shot… Continue reading ICICI spoof mails!

Twins Timeline updated

There is hardly anything worth reading at my (so called) blog 😛 because I am not a good blogger. But there is one section which has been appreciated by many of my friends, cousins and acquaintances – Twins-Timeline where I keep 2 pictures of my daughters every month since their birth. Recently I have been… Continue reading Twins Timeline updated

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