Yamaha PSR S 550B – At last!

After M2 (Mahi-Meha) and M3rd (their Mom), here’s M4th of my life – Musical instrument. 🙂

My last keyboard was acquired way back in 1987 for 6,000/- I enjoyed it for almost 10 years. I still have that keyboard. But some keys are broken, some controls are mal-functioning, tones and styles (rhythms) have started sounding funny. In short, I stopped enjoying it long back.

I had decided that I will not make any compromises. I will wait and wait and wait, but will take the best! I waited for over 10 years for a right opportunity, but at last bought this black beauty – Yamaha PSR S 550 B keyboard 😎 It costed 40k. But I know its definitely worth it!

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