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Changes in Mahi-Meha since their birth on 18th May 2005

This timeline is made of pictures of my twin daughters, Mahi and Meha. It shows how they have changed since their birth. Click on thumbnails for larger pictures. Pictures of a month are added in the first week of the next month.

The thought of making a timeline came to me in September 2005 when I first saw the two pictures of August 2005 kept in this timeline. They were looking so different in spite of it being the same month! I found it fascinating and the Twins Timeline was born 3 months after Mahi-Meha were born.

The updates to the timeline were stopped once they were 3 years old.

April 2008, 2 years 11 months

Mahi Meha
March 2008, 2 years 10 months

Mahi Meha
Got surrounded by their favourite soft toys, dolls and purses. Most of the time at home is spent around these toys and their imagination around them – “dolly is thirsty/hungry”, “dolly is afraid of fire-crackers”, “dolly is being naughty”, “dolly is sleeping”, “I am putting off the dolly to sleep”, “I am giving her a bath” … and what not! Almost all things that we do to them they do to their “dolly“. Girls and their dolls!! 😀
February 2008, 2 years 9 months

Mahi Meha
January 2008, 2 years 8 months

Here they are busy in one of their favourite play. They just love to play in sand with their beach set. Even a couple of hours are not enough and they have to be dragged out of the sand pit under some pretext or the other.
December 2007, 2 years 7 months

The bonhomie between the two is ever increasing. Although they have their fare share of fights, they are very fond of each other. Some people say it’s their karma, after all they have been together even before they were born. Meha is kissing Mahi in the left pic and vice versa in the right one.
November 2007, 2 years 6 months

Mahi Meha
The in-house musicians, in a pensive mood, with their guitars.
October 2007, 2 years 5 months

Meha and Mahi in their play-group t-shirts. Meha is always upto something and can’t stand straight even for 2 minutes. 🙂
September 2007, 2 years 4 months

Mahi Meha
It was jungle day at school and here are the tigers! Whiskers made with eye-liner, yellow dress with black ribbons stiched on the dress as stripes and a paper plate with a tiger face. The credit for the make-up goes to the ever creative masi (maternal aunt), Reena. 🙂
August 2007, 2 years 3 months

Mahi showing her bangles Meha
Rakshabandhan celebrations. Mahi enjoys getting dressed like this. Although Meha is smiling here, she gets irritated soon. She prefers her jeans and tops. Tomboy! 😀
July 2007, 2 years 2 months

June 2007, 2 years 1 month

My dolls with their dolls. 🙂 They have now started playing with dolls. Here Mahi (left) has gone off to sleep holding her doll and Meha (right) is trying to put her doll to sleep.
May 2007, 2 years

They turned two on 18th May. An unexpected cyclone in Srinagar, Kashmir (we were on a vacation) blew away our plans of the birthday celebrations. However, here are the cakes which they could not cut.

They now talk a little. So they not only fight and play together but also talk to each other now. 🙂
April 2007, 1 year 11 months
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
Mahi is in pink and Meha is in green. This is a glimpse of what they keep doing all throughout the day. They are getting naughtier day by day. 🙂
March 2007, 1 year 10 months

They got their first “vehicle” and license to drive.
The joy is evident on their faces.
February 2007, 1 year 9 months

Mahi Meha
First day of school! Yes, they have started with playgroup, 2 hours a day.
January 2007, 1 year 8 months

Meha & Mahi
Oct 2006 pics show how restless they are. Here they are sitting quietly because they are watching their VCD of nursery rhymes!
Mahi & Meha
Hey sis! Let me hold your hand and lead you! This is on their first visit to the zoo at Mumbai.
December 2006, 1 year 7 months

They are improving. They still fight a lot. But now they have slowly started to realise the importance of each other’s presence. They have started sharing things. Sometimes they also play together. Now I realise how good it is for them that they are twin sisters. They will have each other for company all through their lives. Hope they get along well. Touch wood! 🙂
November 2006, 1 year 6 months

Now they enjoy watching and imitating animals. They are getting more savvy. Jeans, top, purse, hair pin, anklet and will wear shoes soon.
October 2006, 1 year 5 months

It is really very difficult now to click their pictures because they are extremely restless. It is all the more difficult to click them both together. These are 6 attempts to click them together “properly”. These pictures are taken in Lonavala on their (and our) first holiday since their birth. 🙂
September 2006, 1 year 4 months

Mahi Meha
In one of their many similar night-dresses. Their mischivousness shines through their faces. Everyone heavs a sigh of relief when they go to sleep. 🙂
August 2006, 1 year 3 months

Rakshabandhan celebrations
Both in their chaniya-choli
They enjoy bathing
and splash water all around
July 2006, 1 year 2 months

Mahi still needs a
support to stand and walk
Meha has started walking
June 2006, 1 year 1 month

Mahi Meha
Their heads were shaved in June
May 2006, 1 year
We celebrated their first birthday!

At the small family party
Mahi & Meha
I keep the gift, you keep the card
Meha & Mahi

Mahi Meha
Their faces were “splashed” with their birthday cake.
April 2006, 11 months

Mahi got her first 2 teeth! Meha ‘monkey’ imitates everything!
March 2006, 10 months

Mahi Meha
Their first holi! How can they escape!
February 2006, 9 months

Mahi Meha
Their first passport size pics!
January 2006, 8 months

Meha, Heena and Mahi
December 2005, 7 months

Mahi Meha
In their Chinese Dresses.
November 2005, 6 months

Mahi Meha
October 2005, 5 months

They both are so different! Different things amuse them.
Its very difficult to make them both smile together!
September 2005, 4 months

Mahi Meha
They learnt to see and started smiling back
August 2005, 3 months

Early August 2005 Ending of August 2005
July 2005, 2 months

Mahi Meha
June 2005, 1 month

Mahi Meha
May 2005

Both in hospital Both at home

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